Does Dirty Talk Turn You On?

Dirty Talk In Bed
Do not be afraid to admit that [dirty talk[topic:dirty-talk]] is a huge turn on for you. Imagine how boring it would be if there were no talking in bed. The things you say to each other before and while making love is very much a part of the act. Sometimes a few words can set your hormones racing.

If you streamline your dirty talk, then its worth hours of foreplay. So, you must understand, what appeals to your partner's 'dirty' side.

What You Need To Know About Dirty Talk:

1. Just Why Do We Like It: It is the same reason for which we like sleazy dance number. There is a raw element in each and every one of us. It needs a trigger and sex is a good one. When we are having sex, we like to bare that dirty side of our personality in a no holes barred way.

2. Is It Sexy: It most certainly is sexy. When you are using dirty talk in bed, it sounds weirdly acceptable, even indispensable. In your normal social encounters, (out of bed) it would probably be labeled as 'crude'. But when you look at it in a situation specific way, it seems right.

3. Dirty But Not Vulgar: There is a thin line between dirty and vulgar. What is dirty, may not be said in bad taste. It is more like a tongue in cheek way of teasing your partner. You call it as a provocative way to arousal. Vulgarity comes when the intention is obscene.

4. Use Of Taboo Words: Most of us frown at words like 'boobs', 'cock' and 'cleavage' in general conversations. But these taboo words take on a new, sexy meaning when it comes to dirty talk. Talking in bed without your vocabulary of taboo words is pointless.

5. Sense Of Desire: These words somehow make you feel that your partner really wants you. If you feel desirable, then that is the biggest turn on for you. As this kind of questionable language fuels our sense of desire, so, it is a great [lovemaking[topic:lovemaking]] idea.

6. Be Suggestive Not Crass: The fun is in saying yet and yet not saying it. Mystery and intrigue make lovemaking ideas work. So, it is good to be suggestive instead of out right dirty. You should use this strategy to turn your partner on, but be careful not to misuse it. Dirty words are not a ready-made replacement for the art of seduction.

7. Know Your Partners Limit: You must to know how talk dirty so that it matches your partner's taste. Only when you spend a considerable amount of time with your partner can you say how much sleaze he or she can take. Do not try these on the first couple of nights with a new lover.

Dirty talk has to be used in an intelligent way to turn on your partner Let it not travel down the path of vulgarity.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 4, 2012, 18:05 [IST]

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