7 Lies About Sex That Men Tell

Lies Sex And Men
Lies about sex are circulated pretty easily these days. If these lies pertain to men then even more so. These myths about sex are based on an age old system of make believe ideas rather than facts. If such myths and lies are holding you back from experimenting with new lovemaking ideas then you must break out of them.

Here are some of lies about sex and the preferences of men that are popular among women.

7 Lies About Sex That Men Tell:

1. Men Always Like Aggressive Lovemaking: May be you like action films but does that mean that you can never like anything other than action flicks. Did you not like 'Titanic' for example? Men can and do enjoy leisurely lovemaking once in a while. So you do not have to be on your toes to attack him all the time.

2. Men Don't Like 'Women On Top': If men can like cat fights then why not like women on top. Every lovemaking position can be made special with skill and experience. You need not strike out one position because some lies about sex claim that 'men', in general, do not like it.

3. Men Want Women To Submit To Them: If men can fancy teachers and lady bosses then we can be sure that they like to submit to their partners once in a while. Submission is one form of pleasure but you must also be in control sometimes. You definitely need not be servile or else he will find you 'easy' to maneuver into the sack.

4. Men like Red Lingerie: Another really vile set of lies about men are related to lingerie. Most men have a fetish for lingerie but does it always have to a loud red in colour. What's stopping him from getting hooked on to your bubblegum pink lingerie? Do men really have such limited imagination?

5. Men Like Oral Pleasure: They like to get it but do they like to give it? It is an questionably area of myths about sex. The thing is that most men pretend to like it and so it is very difficult to say if they really like it or fake it. The best way out is to have an open relationship with your partner wherein you can ask and expect an honest answer.

6. Men Like Busty Women: If that were true then Pamela Anderson would every man's dream girl. But there are equal number of people who love and hate her. There are men who like women to be petite if not flat. It is matter of personal taste.

7. Men Are More Experimental Than Women: If men tell lies about your sexual creativity then there is only thing to do. Prove them wrong with your actions. Surprise your man with innovative lovemaking ideas and positions. That will make it one down from the liars list.

Don't allow these lies about sex that men tell to cloud your judgment.

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