Women Should Avoid These On First Night

Avoid These On First Night
Wedding night is very special for the newly wed couple. Both plan to make the night loving and special by planning! Although you are prepared to face the wedding or first night with your newly wedded wife, you should know how to impress her and make the night erotic! Taking a wrong step just to impress your partner can bring down your impression easily. So, what women should not do on their first night? Check out...

4 things women should not do on first night:

Avoid taking the lead: It is good to be under the control of your man in bed. Let him dominate you on bed. This builds a nice impression on him. This doesn't entirely mean that you should suppress your mood or wishes. To be on the safer sides, avoid taking the lead and showing that you have idea on lovemaking.

Don't recollect past: You should avoid telling your partner about your past especially on the first night. This can really piss your partner off! Let the bygones be bygones. By recollecting your past, you only invite troubles with your partner. You show that you are not fresh and this may create a new problem in the married life.

Too shy?: Are you too shy with the thought of making love with your partner? Avoid it! Women are too shy when it comes to lovemaking and this can be a big turn off for the special first night. Keep the delicate feminism but don't be too shy on bed.

Never go on the top: This makes you appear too open which your man might not like it. Basically men feel women are shy on bed and this concept is actually true. You might have seen several lovemaking positions in kamasutra or videos are actually experienced it. It is best to avoid going on the top and taking control of the session.

Women should avoid making such mistakes on the first night.

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Story first published: Thursday, March 1, 2012, 17:44 [IST]

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