Sex Ain't Better Than..

Sex Ain't Better Than
As the saying goes, girls like chocolates more than sex. Sex ain't better than many things. It is just that we do not put enough thought to the facts about sex. If we were to explore these things more minutely, then maybe our obsession with sex and anything related to it would vanish. Although an orgasm seems be the most popular epitome of pleasure, it is by no means the only one.

There are people who find other activities more pleasurable and therefore better than sex.

Sex Ain't Better Than..

1. Foreplay: Feeling each other before sex is much more intimate than the actual act of lovemaking. Many people feel that making out, far exceeds sex, in giving a couple pleasure. The intimacy of this act is supreme. After all, you can have foreplay without sex but no sex without foreplay.

2. Few Hours More Of Sleep: Given an option, some would choose a few extra hours of sleep to 15 minutes of action in bed. It may sound like a ridiculously lazy idea, but sleeping is a very pleasurable luxury that most of us cannot afford. In our stressful life, what can be more coveted that a good nights' sleep.

3. Chocolates: If you love chocolates, then you will probably prefer it to sex. It does not betray you or threaten to break your heart. If you love chocolates then they can cure anything for you; even a broken heart.

4. Aphrodisiacs: The facts about sex state that you enjoy the idea of it more than the act. So when aphrodisiacs get you into the mood for action, that state of being drunk with excitement, is much better than making love.

5. A Sumptuous Meal: This point is totally for foodies. If you love eating then food is better than sex any day. It does not require you to ask somebody out or seduce him/her into bed. All you have to do, is either cook or buy whatever you feel like eating. Gorging is as addiction just as serious as sex addiction.

6. Flirting: The facts about sex state that it is a temporary high. If you are a good flirt, who has a way with words, then you will always be high. There is a sadistic sense of pleasure in making a successful pass at someone.

7. Shopping: That is the deepest confession of a shopaholic. We would rather buy clothes than condoms. Fashionable shoes are definitely better than sex toys. Who would waste time in bed when there is clearance sale going on in the next mall?

There are many things in the world that are much better than sex. It comes down to personal choice in the end.

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