Sensual Spots In Women Of Different Zodiac Signs – Part 2

Sensual Spots
The previous article gave you all information about sensual spots in women of different zodiac signs (Aeries - Cancer). The rest of the sun signs have been covered in this article. Read on to know how, where and what exactly to do, if you got to excite your woman.

Leo: A Leo woman's erogenous spot is the back. Just running your fingers along her spine and kissing all the way down to her buttocks, will excite her too much. Concentrate more on the inner thighs, to turn on the lioness.

Virgo: The stomach plays a vital role as an erogenous zone in a Virgo woman's sex life. Just lingering on in that area, kissing, caressing, massaging, gently pinching and biting are sure ways to turn on the Virgo woman. Just kissing directly on her navel, using your tongue is perfect excite her.

Libra: The lower back area is the most sensitive and sensual zone in any Libra woman. She enjoys being caressed just above the buttocks and a light smack or two on her behind will excite her. Just moving your hand on the lower back area while engaged in a dance will turn her on.

Scorpio: The Scorpio's are known to be most charged when it comes to lovemaking. The genital area of a Scorpion woman is the most sensual spot. Gently stroking, massaging, and just playing around is sure to send chills down her spine and give her a good orgasm.

Sagittarius: The most sensual spot in women of this zodiac sign, is the thigh. Prolong the foreplay, stroke her thighs, run your fingers up and down the inner thighs, gently bite or pinch the inner thigh area to excite your woman.

Capricorn: The phrase 'going weak in the knees' applies well to a Capricorn woman. Just tickle the area behind her knees and see how well she responds. Concentrate on the entire leg, shower with gentle kisses, bites, strokes and get her really turned on.

Now that you have information about the sensual spots in women of different zodiac signs, go on try it on the next time you are looking for a sensual lovemaking session with your woman.

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Story first published: Wednesday, August 3, 2011, 15:26 [IST]

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