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Oral Sex

How To Make Your Man Go Down On You
Nothing excites like oral sex. Be it man or a woman, oral sex can be a great stress buster for both. It is often said that men are the only ones who enjoy oral sex. But you may be wrong. Even ...
How To Make Man Go Down On You
Hot Blow Job Tips
Hot Blow Job Tips To Turn Him On
Let's face it, all men love oral sex. Blow job is the best sexual sensation a man ever experiences. Once you are down there, your man experiences a bliss which is difficult to express in words. So, if you want to ...
Tips For Safe Oral Sex
Recently, there are rumours that actor Michael Douglas had throat cancer due to indulgence in oral sex. Well, earlier we heard that the actor came to know oral sex as the cause of throat cancer. However, Michael's publicist has denied it ...
Tips Safe Oral Sex
Ways Avoid Genital Odour Men
Ways To Avoid Genital Odour Down There
Sometimes while having sex, you can come across some embarrassing situations. For example, you suddenly feel the urge to pee during the intercourse or you have some pungent genital odour down there. During oral sex, smelling genital odour can be a ...
Tips To Have The Perfect Oral Sex
Oral sex is one of the ways to enjoy pleasure. It is the process of stimulating the genitals of both men and women. Remember the sex position, 69? Yes! It is one of the famous positions that is used to enjoy ...
Oral Sex Tips
'Technical Virginity' Amongst Teenagers Is A Myth
The concept of 'technical virginity' amongst teenagers is not as common as believed. In fact, a new survey has revealed that teenagers do not opt for oral sex as a way to preserve their virginity. ...
Technical Virginity Virginity Myths

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