Ways To Avoid Genital Odour Down There

Sometimes while having sex, you can come across some embarrassing situations. For example, you suddenly feel the urge to pee during the intercourse or you have some pungent genital odour down there. During oral sex, smelling genital odour can be a huge turn off. You cannot discuss this openly with your partner at times and this can also hamper your sexual life. So, what to do when he is smelling down there? Here are few things that can provide relief and make you enjoy sex.

Ways to avoid genital odour before sex

Ways To Avoid Genital Odour Down There

Maintain genital hygiene: A signature scent of your man can be a huge turn on. However, sweat can turn the scent into odour. Urine and sweat odour can turn very pungent after few hours. So, before having sex, wash your genitals again. Foreskin of the penis contains smegma, a white substance that causes genital odour. When you pull down the foreskin, the pungent smell attacks your nose. So, make it a point to wash it properly.

Tell him: If he wants you to go down there for a BJ, tell him to wash his groin once. It is hygienic, clean and easy to take in the mouth too. Telling him sweetly in a casual conversation will not hurt his ego or spoil the mood.

Indirect methods: If you do not want to tell your man directly, you can try some smart tricks. Tell him to take a shower or accompany him there. It is an excuse to make him clean his genitals. This tip can also make you enjoy some sexy session in the bathroom. Wash him with some loam body wash and scrub his genitals sensually so that you excite him and also get what you want! Make sure you pull down the foreskin and wash properly.

Chocolate sauce: Most of the women do not like sweet or pungent genital smell of their men. This makes them avoid giving a BJ completely. So, if your man demands a mouth job or wild oral sex, just use some chocolate sauce. It is an effective way to enjoy oral sex. Make sure you ask him to wash his genitals before you apply the sauce. This will make him clean his stuff and help you give him a chocolaty BJ.

These are few tips to avoid strong pungent genital odour. Try these steps to avoid being a turn off during sex.

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 6, 2013, 18:34 [IST]
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