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Weird Reasons Behind Sex Dreams!
Don't feel guilty if you get sex dreams. In fact, such dreams are a lot better than dreams filled with ghosts and Dracula trying to eat you up! Also, sex dreams don't generally have a direct connection with real life though ...
Weird Reasons Behind Sex Dreams
Things Men Secretly Expect From Women
Things Men Secretly Expect From Women
Men do have some secret wishes but seldom do they openly tell them. Yes, even men have the fear of being judged though it may sound strange! Men open up fast about their fantasies if it is a one-night stand. They ...
How To Strengthen Your Sexual Bond
Most of us think that physical pleasure comes from physical body. But science has something else to say. When you touch your partner, the pleasure you are getting is not coming from merely touching. Your brain is responsible for the pleasure. ...
How To Strengthen Sexual Bonds
How To Make Him Feel Like A Man
How To Make Him Feel Like A Man
If he tries to make you feel special by going the extra mile to pamper, you too can take certain steps to make him feel like a man, especially in the bedroom. And yes, all men like to feel like a ...
What's Killing Sex Life Today?
Most of us have thought that headache is the only excuse that is used to abstain from sex especially when one partner is in mood and the other is not. But a new study revealed a different reason that is ...
What Is Killing Sex Life Today
Mens Fantasies About Boobs
Men's Secret Fantasies About Boobs!
Men go crazy for boobs and yes, they do have some fantasies about breasts. Any man would love to watch boobs, touch them and play with them! But it isn't easy for every man to get the chance of being able ...
How To Make Your Semen Taste Good
If your partner refuses to take your penis in her mouth, you should first know the reasons why. If she totally hates the idea of touching your balls, that is a different thing. But if she says no because of the ...
How To Make Your Semen Taste Good
How To Perform Strip Tease For Your Guy
How To Perform Strip Tease For Your Man!
Did your husband complain of boredom? Try strip tease! Do you think he'll still feel bored? There is no man who doesn't enjoy a strip tease! You want proof? That's why all strip clubs are always full! You don't need to ...
7 Secret Sexual Desires People Have
Before tasting the first kiss or the first sexual encounter, everyone would just crave for only the first touch. But what goes on in the mind of men and women who are between 30-40 years of age? They have tasted and ...
Secret Sexual Desires People Have
Why People Have Sex In A Car
Why People Have Sex In A Car
For some of us, the idea of having sex in a car sounds weird. But many enjoy it. Why? Firstly, in a cramped space, inconvenient surroundings and the risk of being watched by others, what makes it a great idea? Some ...
Why Mutual Masturbation Is Hot!
Mutual masturbating is extremely hot! It gives you a rush. Imagine a woman undressing and touching herself in front of you. The thought that you are able to see what nobody else gets to see gives you a kick! Whether they ...
Why Mutual Masturbation Is Hot
Positions For First Time Sex
Best Positions For First Time Sex!
When you set out to taste the pleasure of sex for the first time, it is better to stick to the basics. Planning a lot of things and getting confused in bed room may spoil your first experience. You would want ...
Touch Her In Those Places And See!
Instead of getting stuck at the penetrative act, you can always make your bed life more beautiful by pampering your woman with foreplay. And if you think only the lips, breasts, butt or the genitals are the only places to touch ...
Where To Touch A Woman To Offer Pleasure
Strange Reasons Why Women Hire Male Escorts
Strange Reasons Why Women Hire Male Escorts
What sounded like a taboo a few decades ago is gradually trending in these times. In many cities, male escorts are being hired. But wait! Don't jump into any conclusions about why such things are happening. If the world is perfect ...

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