Things Men Secretly Expect From Women

Men do have some secret wishes but seldom do they openly tell them. Yes, even men have the fear of being judged though it may sound strange!

Men open up fast about their fantasies if it is a one-night stand. They put their fears aside when there is no commitment. But if a man is sleeping with a partner, he tries to give a good picture instead of talking about his wild desires.

Things Men Secretly Expect From Women 1

Firstly, men do have the fear of being perceived as a womaniser or a man with cheap taste. But here are some simple wishes men have but don't express.

Things Men Secretly Expect From Women 2

Sexy Lingerie
Your man would love to see you in provocative lingerie at least once. But he never tells that. Wearing a boring bra for a hot steamy date is like pouring water on his fire. Wear the most provocative one and he'll be staring at your breasts with a bulge on his pants.

Things Men Secretly Expect From Women 2

Undress Slowly
The moment you get ready for the penetration, don't remove all your clothes and sit naked in front of him. Men get a high when you take lot of time undressing slowly revealing your skin bit by bit. But he never expresses his desire, as he thinks that you may percive him as someone who got used to strip tease in night clubs!

Things Men Secretly Expect From Women 3

Dirty Talk
Though he never tells you, he enjoys dirty talk! But only in the bedroom! Talk about his erection, talk about your erect nipples and talk about everything that makes him horny; he'll enjoy that!

Things Men Secretly Expect From Women 5

Take Charge
Nothing can raise his temperature more than you taking charge and dominating him in the bed. Feel free to touch his penis and kiss him everywhere. When you show involvement, it gives him a high.

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