How To Perform Strip Tease For Your Man!

Did your husband complain of boredom? Try strip tease! Do you think he'll still feel bored? There is no man who doesn't enjoy a strip tease! You want proof? That's why all strip clubs are always full!

You don't need to have the figure of a supermodel to strip for your husband. You can be yourself and he will still see a supermodel in you when you tease him while stripping.

How To Do Strip Tease For Your Man

Don't confuse stripping with pole dancing. That's different. You don't need to take pains to run around a pole just to make sex life interesting for your bored hubby.

What you can do is: just take off your clothes, one-by-one, very slowly trying to seduce him when the sound system in your home plays soothing music and the light from the candle simply shows your half naked beauty to your man.

How To Do Strip Tease For Your Man2

You don't need to be a dancer to do this. You don't need to imitate all the moves of film stars to just entertain your hubby. Just do what feels right at that moment.

The ambience of the room does half of the job. You just have to take care of the other half. To get the ambiance right, switch off the lights in the bedroom and light up a candle in the corner. Play soothing music but don't play songs as they hijack his thoughts.

How To Do Strip Tease For Your Man3

Use your lingerie, thongs and high heels. Without them, your man will not be able to even realise that you are trying to seduce him! Believe it or not. High heels and lingerie turn on men more than anything else!

How To Do Strip Tease For Your Man

If your husband is open for wild fantasies, tie his hands while you strip tease! If he doesn't enjoy such things then allow him to drink when you strip! Men love to drink while watching women.

How To Do Strip Tease For Your Man

Use your own ideas to fine tune your stripping episode and make it more beautiful for your hubby. But do this only if your hubby feels comfortable with the idea!

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