How To Make Him Go Down On You?

While having sex or making out, we all wish that our man goes a little down and just hit the main spot. But, not all men prefer to indulge in complete oral sex. Why? Is it because you do not tempt him or never react positively towards it. If so, then it is high time to make your man go down and give you intense pleasure like you do to him. Here are some sexy tricks that can help your man stay down for a longer duration whilst you enjoy pleasure.

Tips to make him go down:

Make Him Go Down On You

Shave: It is very important to clean your genitals and shave them. If you do not want the pain through the waxing method then go for shaving. Men get turned off if they see genital hair. They would hardly like to stay down for a long duration. If you do not feel comfortable with shaving, you can also trim your genital hair. Make sure you always maintain it.

Hygiene: In simple words, everyone wants good smell during sex. Men can only stay down for a longer duration if you maintain a proper genital hygiene. Genital odour and unclean areas would never tempt a man to go down and give you an oral. Women have to be very hygienic to avoid genital infections and also stay clean. Do clean your genitals before having sex. This makes you and our man feel comfortable while indulging in oral sex.

Show the desire: You have to make your man know that you want to reach orgasm through oral sex. If you show an interest towards it, your man can never say no! All men would love to explore new things and would appreciate your openness towards it. Show him that you desire to have a nice orgasm. This will motivate him to help you enjoy more pleasure.

Give examples: Why not sit and watch porn with your man? Many women are uncomfortable in expressing their sexual needs and desires. You can use these indirect ways to let him know how you crave for him to go down. By showing porns, you both will also get ideas to implement it in the best way out though positions or sexy tricks.

Wear a sexy lingerie: You can only tempt your man within seconds if you wear a sexy lingerie down! Try some net or lace panties that have cute flowers or other ensembles on them. It is attractive, girly and would be loved by men. Try this sexy trick to make your man go down instantly and make him stay there for a longer time.

These are few tricks that can help your man go down easily and make him stay there for a longer duration.

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