Guide Him To The Hot G Spot

There are many sensuous zones of both men and women. When attacked on these zones, the person can get extremely excited. But, very few couples know the sensuous zones of both men and women. For example, men get turned on when they are kissed on the neck behind the back, rubbed in between the anus and testicles etc. But women have the famous g spot.

Most of the men find it difficult to reach the hot spot of women (g spot). Moreover, they also find it difficult to track the exact spot. Few believe that there is no such g spot. But, when a woman is sexually aroused, a small organ in the clitoris comes out. This is often regarded as a g spot. If you are finding it difficult to reach the g spot, ask your partner. Sometimes, a man doesn't ask his woman as he feels shy or takes it to his ego. Thus, it is you who has to guide him to the hot spot. But how? Find out some smart tricks to keep him in thr mood whilst teaching him the route to the hot g spot.

Guide Him To The Hot G Spot

Smart tricks to guide him to your g spot:

While kissing: When you two are busy kissing and making out, take him down. Slowly whisper and ask him to kiss you down there. To play it smart, point out the spot so that he can see it and use his common sense.

Set an example: This is one of the simplest yet a bold trick that women need to try in front of their men. If you want to guide your man towards your sensuous zone, the g spot, set an example. Rub your hawwt clit in front of him. He will not only like the visual scene but would also learn the way to make you reach an orgasm.

Play with his fingers: Say that you want to do something with his fingers. He won't say (guess he might come to know what's running on your mind). This is another smart trick that can help you guide your man down to the g spot. You will not hurt his ego too!

Hand him a lube/cream: Women only use lubricant when they are dry down. Moreover, the lubes make it easy to rub and play with the clitoris. When you hand him a lube and gesture him to go down, he will get it.

These are few smart and sexy tricks to guide your man towards the clitoris and hot g spot.

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 6, 2012, 18:07 [IST]
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