6 Craziest Places Couples Have Sex!

Craziest Places Couples Have Sex!
You can have sex at any time but what about the location? When a couple is excited, they don't look for the location! Many couples like to make love in bed which is comfortable too but there are times when the sex drive takes a toll and you start making love in craziest places. Take a look at the most craziest places to do it!

6 crazy places to have sex:

Library: Yes! This is a very common place among young teens. After the college hours, couples enter the library and make love. How can you forget there are cameras??

Swimming Pool: This place is great for making love and couples enjoy the sensation and water effect is an addition to it. However, the man has to put more effort in this place!

Theatre exit: Few couples can't resist after making out a little in the theatre. This is why, they exit before the movie finishes. The space is empty and couples feel it is an ideal place to make love! It is not ideal but craziest place to have sex as the exit has cameras and security guards.

Spongy sofa/couch: They are not only comfortable but great for making the session more energetic without much effort. This is one of the craziest places in the house to have sex!! Spongy sofa pushes back the push and makes it easy to enjoy lovemaking.

Stairs: Many couples have been seen making love on the staircase. The place is not just craziest but weird as it is not at all comfortable.

Kitchen slab: While cooking, your partner suddenly comes and excites you! You end up having sex on the kitchen slab. You cook there and make love at the same time. Not hygienic ans comfortable!

These are 6 craziest places couples make love.

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Story first published: Monday, March 26, 2012, 17:55 [IST]

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