Have You Tried These Sex Positions?

There are many sex positions that you can try every day. If you sit and read the book Kamasutra, you will come across hundreds of sex positions. However, there are few specific positions that you must try with your partner.

Few sex positions are best for women whereas there are many positions that are good for the men. Apart from trying the missionary or cowgirl or doggy style, here are the 5 must try sex positions.

Have You Tried These Sex Positions?

4 sex positions that you must try now!

Camel ride: Give your woman a ride by taking her into you. Kneel and make your woman lie on left side. Straddle her left leg and let her wrap her right leg around your waist. You should have easy access to penetrate inside her. You can caress her and control the thrusting while enjoying sex.

Linguine: Women love to try this sex position. In the linguine sex position, the woman will lie on the side with her front pressed against the mattress. Use a pillow under your head for extra support. Her leg will be spread wide apart. The man will sit on his knees behind her butt like the doggy style. The woman will bend her right leg to raise her lower body. The man will sit from behind and enter inside her. This sex position provides a lot of friction and the man can caress her breasts! The woman too will enjoy the linguine sex position as it allows deeper penetration and access to g-spot.

Downward doggy style: Doggy style is one of the most common sex positions. Bring a change in this position by using a pillow. The woman will lie on her front and the man will sit on his knees. The only addition is a pillow. The woman needs to place the pillow on her abdomen (lower body) so that she can raise it higher and make it easily accessible to the man. The penetration is deeper and the snug fit position can make her feel more pleasure.

The standing dragon: Couples love to try this sex position (mostly men). This is because they can stand and control the intercourse without hurting their thigh muscles. It is less troublesome and requires less effort too! The woman will sit on the corner of the bed in the doggy style. The man will stand and enter from behind. The thrusting can be very painful but enjoyable.

These are the 4 sex positions that you must try with your partner.

Story first published: Friday, October 26, 2012, 14:50 [IST]
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