Avoid These 5 Dangerous Sex Positions

Sex positions are intended to bring in a variety to your sex life. However, not all sex positions are meant to give a try. There are few very dangerous sex positions that you should avoid. Do not experiment with sex positions that can handicap you forever. Did not get me? Here are few dangerous sex positions that you should never try.

5 dangerous sex positions:

Avoid These 5 Dangerous Sex Positions

Standing 69: This might be one of the favorable sex positions for attaining pleasure. However, so do not modify the 69 position in such a way where you two stand and try to make each other reach orgasm. It is dangerous and you might not realise when you break the head of your partner while enjoying climax.

Standing cowgirl: Men love cowgirl sex position. But, they should not take this position for granted by trying this innovative way of having an intercourse. The man basically places himself in the camel yoga pose. The woman will sit over him and control the intercourse. What if his hands slip? Both of you will hurt each other while trying something weird and dangerous.

The pair of tongs: This is an extremely risky sex position that couples should avoid. The woman is completely on support of one hand. The rest of her body is dependent on her man. The woman can suffer from pain in her right hand that is on the floor. Moreover, the body weight that has been shifted from the left hand towards his arm can stretch your muscles and tear it. The pushing can also slip the woman's right hand thus making the woman fall on the floor. Never try this position if your life is important to you.

Pile driver: It is another dangerous sex position where the woman rests her upper body on a couch or bed. Her legs face towards the wall and are spread wide apart to allow deeper penetration. This position can help you enjoy intercourse but can be risky for your woman's neck. Neck fractures are a very common accident that can occur while trying this sex position.

Bodybuilder: Want to build your body and get six pack abs? Do not try this sex position. Go and hit the gym. Bodybuilder sex position can make you get biceps but do it at your own risk. The man holds the woman completely in his arms and thighs help him keep her in place. If you do not support your woman on her back, she can fall and once you start sweating. Try to make her lean against a wall so that little body weight is shifted towards the wall.

These are few weird and extremely dangerous sex positions that you should avoid.

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