5 Sensual Ways To Turn Him On!

Turn Him On
If you are losing the interest and craze then it is time to reignite the passion in him. Get him into the mood for lovemaking. With the passage of time, men can get bored of the monotonous lovemaking so try these turn on tips to increase his drive and get him in mood!

Ways to turn him on and get in the mood:

Surprise him: Men also love surprises. Wear a sensual dress and surprise him when he comes from work. You can also surprise him before going to bed. A revealing sensual dress can make him get in the mood for lovemaking in seconds.

Initiate: Men love it when a woman takes an initiative. Go close to him suddenly and give him a passionate kiss. Men mostly take the initiative to make love so surprise him by setting the ambiance and give him hints.

Wear new lingerie: For men, the biggest turn on is a new set of sensual lingerie! After a shower, wear a nice lingerie to attract his attention and excite him. You can reveal the new set of lingerie and grab his eyes towards you instantly!

Touch: A touch can run fire in the blood! Try to touch and feel him if you want to make love. A sensual touch is very wild and can get him in mood any time. Feel him and see the magic of your touch. Morning is the best time to excite him.

Striptease: Men love to see striptease. Try a striptease to spice up romance. Play a sensual music and striptease in front of him. You can be creative by tying his hands and excite him more by going close to him. Don't striptease every time or else the man can lose interest in it with time. These turn on tips to excite a man should be seldom applied when you feel the romance is fading.

Try these ways to turn on a man and get him in a mood to make love!

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 9, 2011, 17:41 [IST]

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