Mistakes That Men Commit On Bed

Small mistakes like a sigh or just a comment can make her rising pulses to a numb feeling. Although you may try tracing every nook and corner, you will not find a tiny hint. Read to know what are the common mistakes men commit on the bed. Try to avoid them or witness her falling libido

The scratchy love play : Most men think that their scratchy beard or moustache arouses her orgasm. Take a break guys, and think for a while will you like the idea of brushing hard on your erogenous zones? Remember the next time, when you drag your chin across her face or thighs, she might not be moaning from pleasure alone, but from pain also.

Twiddling her nipples alone : Nipples are rated as the most sensitive part of her body. Treat them gently, with mild touch and kissing techniques that are softer than the flowers touch. Do not twist and turn with a cause. Most men do not have an idea of other erogenous zones, so they keep twiddling with the main three assets of her body.

Explore her body and pay attention even to the tiny facts that can make her toes curl with pleasure.

Do not stop for a break : Women cannot pick up where they left off. In this respect they are different from men. If you stop, she will go back to square one very quickly.

Nasty comments : dirty talking may make you sound like desperate sex caller. Make comments on her sexual desire or play only if she talks about it.

Don't thank her: Taoist sexual practice advises couples to thank for the wonderful experience after the intercourse. However make sure you do it only if she understands the basic meaning behind it. Otherwise it is a sure no-no as it makes you sound desperate and like a charity case.

She doesn't sport the rough and tough act : Men are tabooed as rough. But no woman will like her breasts twisted off or her vagina prodded with claw-like fingers on her every sexual encounter. Remember to go softly as you are dealing with soft and pliable tissue. Well! If she wants more pressure at the tantalizing act she will guide you to her pleasure zone.

Avoid the daily sexual schedule : men tend to follow the same schedule at the tick of the time 'start'. However woman love to try and experience different stuffs. Remind yourself of all the other nerve endings in splendid array around her body. Even slender girls have plenty of skin and all of it has really useful nerve endings.

Make her the prime love queen : While making love try focusing on her unique features than the common features of woman. Calling her by her name is a very good idea.

Taking your pants off first.: men hate to waste time. They just begin with the nude act. Remember there are lot of stuffs that you can do with your clothes on. Women think, there are few things less attractive than a man in only socks, a shirt and underpants.

The climax ends before it starts: For some men premature ejaculation becomes a dreaded habit that warrants therapy. However one can overcome by taking specific pills or by trying specific masturbating techniques. The most turn off act what women experience is, the moment men fall asleep after enjoying their bit of feast. A research shows that a man can typically fall asleep right after sex within 3 seconds. Avoid doing it, if not pinch yourself hard to wake those sulking eyes. Women want to be cuddled and loved after sex. Tell her how much you loved making love with her, and kiss her for a while.

Story first published: Monday, July 30, 2007, 17:55 [IST]

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