Sex After Break Up: Tips

Having sex during a relationship is not weird. However, having sex after the break up can be really tricky. It is an open relationship where the couple meet only to enjoy sex and satisfy their needs. But, when you indulge in sex after the break up, you can end up falling in love all over again or remain least bothered about each other. As the two sides of a coin, this relationship can have a future or end any time.

If you are having sex with your ex partner just to satisfy your urges and needs, you have to be very careful. Here is what you need to do.

Sex After Break Up: Tips

Tips to remember:

Its just sex: If you are going back to your ex partner after break up, be clear with your motives. Remember that you are just sleeping with your ex to enjoy sex and nothing else. If you keep this tip ion mind, you can avoid complicating your relationship after the break up.

There is no more love: When you are going to have sex after break up, make sure you remember this. There are many couples who get along with each other just to have sex. Women especially feel very attached to their ex and do not find the same pleasure in other men. So, sleeping with your ex can refresh your feelings of love. Just be clear in your mind and discuss as well with your partner. There is no more love. The more clear you are, the better your relationship with your ex will be.

Avoid meeting without no reasons: As you have broken up, it is no use of meeting your ex for other reasons. Be clear with your motives. As it is just a sex relationship, you should avoid meeting each other for a date, coffee, dinner or a movie. These steps can revive the love within you\ or your partner.

Call only when you want sex: As mentioned earlier, you should only talk to each other when you need sex. It is an open relationship where you two meet each just to enjoy sex. After break up, you should only talk to each other when you want to have sex. This clarity will help you avoid facing complications later.

Having sex after the break up is nothing new. If you follow these tips, you will enjoy this open sexual relationship too!

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 2, 2013, 15:42 [IST]
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