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Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Men High On STD Risk
One of the major concerns is the rise of unprotected sex, have added to itself a new survey. Recently a survey done on 3,000 people has discovered that 13 percent of men had unprotected sex with multiple partners, compared with 7 ...
Men Std Sexual Relations
Monogamy Std Sexual Relations
Casual Relations Risk High STD Rates
Sexual relations, which was once an expression of love has now changed to a casual act. In the survey of 783 heterosexual adults, one in 10 men and women reported that both they and their partner had slept with other people. ...
Online Partners Transmit Diseases
Popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have been blamed for the rise in cases of sexually transmitted diseases. STD like Syphilis is on the rise as members opt for unprotected sex with the partners they meet over the Internet.Official ...
Online Dating Sexual Diseases
Tv Show Demonstrates Lovemaking Positions
TV Show Demonstrates Different Lovemaking Positions
Viewers of ‘This Morning’ were in for a saucy treat as they were shown how to spice up their romantic relationships with the demonstration of different sexual positions. On the show, the couples clambered on to a bed to give the ...
Be Frank If You Have An Infection
Frank conversations about sexual infections is the key to a long and sucessful relationship, says experts.In the survey, 73 per cent admitted that they did not talk about sexually transmitted diseases before having sex with a new partners and ...
Frank Conversation Infection
Television Education Contraceptives
Government Insists On TV Sex Education
The British Government is set to ask TV bosses to include more references to contraceptives and sexually transmitted diseases in their shows. The popular TV shows do not have enough scenes featuring the characters discussing contraceptives such as condoms.Out of 350 ...
The Harmful Effects Of Lovemaking!
Lovemaking is a much-craved pleasurable experience for many men. However a recent study, led by the University of Nottingham, found that men suffer the negative health impacts of lovemaking than women. The interesting fact is that ...
Lovemaking Prostrate Cancer
Oral Lovemaking Sexual Diseases
Pros And Cons Of Oral Sex:
Oral sex consists of all sexual activities that involve the use of the mouth, which may include use of the tongue, teeth, and throat, to stimulate genitalia. People may engage in oral sex as part of foreplay before intercourse, or during ...
Dry And Hiv
Dry Sex and HIV Risk
Dry sex, intercourse without lubrication is a prevalent practice in some parts of the world. Women even use treatments to make themselves hot, tight and dry. Some women dry out with substances obtained from traditional healers, while others use detergents, salt, ...
Sex Education for Disabled Children
Providing sex education to children with disabilities is acquiring more importance in today's world. Sex and sexuality are very tricky areas for parents to converse with children. The difficulty heightens if their children are disabled. Parents of many disabled children are ...
Adult Education

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