Do You Have Tight Foreskin On Penis? Read This!

Some men are born with tight foreskin on the penis. This could make sex life hell. In medical terms, it is known as phimosis.

When the skin on the penis is too tight, pulling it back and forth becomes painful. When the foreskin doesn't retract, penetrative sex becomes a nightmare.

Do You Have Tight Foreskin On Penis? Read This!3

Even bleeding could occur when you forcibly try to pull the tight foreskin back or try to penetrate. Both pain and embarrassment could follow.

During adolescence, the foreskin turns retractable in 80% of the boys. But in some, it still remains tight. And during first-night sex, when the skin is forcibly pulled back, it could cause swelling, pain, redness and sensitivity. And you cannot enjoy sex when you are bleeding and screaming with pain.

Do You Have Tight Foreskin On Penis? Read This!4

Is there any solution? Well, there are some exercises to stretch the skin and make it a bit more elastic. Start by gently pulling the foreskin back. If it pains, stop it. Do it only when your penis is flaccid. If you try to stretch when it is erect, it could be painful.

Do You Have Tight Foreskin On Penis? Read This!1

Apply baby oil or coconut oil to the penis and gently massage it. Again pull the foreskin gently till a point where it doesn't pain. If it pains, stop it.

Daily spend a few minutes to perform this exercise before taking bath. After a few days, if your skin has become a bit more elastic, it can be retracted a bit more than the first day.

Do You Have Tight Foreskin On Penis? Read This!

If you are able to retract the skin, spend a few minutes in that position so that the head of the penis gets exposed to air. This will make it a bit dry. Dryness can reduce its sensitivity. Another idea is to masturbate by pulling the foreskin back and forth after applying a lubricant.

Do You Have Tight Foreskin On Penis? Read This!2

Before trying the above exercises, consult a doctor. Your doctor may recommend ointments that contain clobetasole or betamethasone which can make the skin flexible.

If the condition still persists, your doctor may suggest circumcision surgery. You may need to use medicines for a week after surgery but it is better to abstain from sex for 60 days post surgery.

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Story first published: Saturday, May 6, 2017, 17:01 [IST]

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