Hot Tips For Spicy Make-up Sex

Had a bad fight with your partner? Don't worry, sex is here for your rescue! Yes, the idea of make-up sex can be huge turn on for couples. We all have different frustrations of life which is likely to spark off our anger at the slightest provocation. Sometimes we all fight over very unexpected matters and sometimes very silly matters. But somewhere within our hearts we are just waiting for the other person to walk up to us and hold us in their arms.

After every fight or argument, deep down we all are waiting to make-up for it. There can be no better option for making up after a fight than have hot and wild sex. Make-up sex is always the best kind of sex that you have with your partner. It is because the negative emotions of both of you changes track and moves towards a completely opposite direction. Make-up sex makes you feel elated after a nasty feeling of the fight. It creates a state of ecstasy in both of you and you feel all the more connected to each other.

Hot Tips For Spicy Make-up Sex!

So, if you had a bad fight with your partner, it's time to make-up with him/her with these hot tips for make-up sex. Check it out.

Let The Adrenaline Rush In
First and foremost you need to indulge yourself in some adventurous activity together. To have an adrenaline rush is crucial to make the sex part all the more exciting. So, go for some bungee jumping, roller coaster ride or any other daredevil act. If you are not the adventurous type then simply going for a run together will also do the trick.

Break Away For Some Time
The pleasure of reunion is even greater when you are away from each other for a long time. So, if you have been arguing for quite sometime now, then take a break from each other. Plan some solo trip or a trip with your friends. After you come back, you will find your partner craving for each of your body part like crazy.

Ladies, Go Get It!
Sex after a fight may seem a little awkward. But you have to take the charge if you want to make it exciting. So, once your man is on bed with you, fire him down with your sexy moves. Kiss every part of his body. Start from the neck, dig your teeth into his skin and watch him go mad over you. Try a few good hand job tricks and go for a mindblowing blow job. Your man will not leave you for the world!

Wrestle To Win
To make your make-up sex more exciting why not try out wrestling on bed? We are not joking. Put up an act of fight. Bash each other playfully with the pillow. Then hold on each other by the hair, gently pull the head back and kiss. Throw each other down on the bed and then make wild love!

Take these tips and see how soon you make-up for all the arguments and fights that you have had.

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