Tips To Handle Bad Sex

Not everyday can be your day! Sometimes you do end up having the worst intercourse session. Then obviously you feel all miserable and down. But once its over, there is nothing much that you can do about it, except planning for your next move to have the best session of your life.

Sometimes it happens that you are just not in the mood to have sex or you are under too much stress which affects your sex life. You come to the bed with your partner with a wild passion and then suddenly you let your mind wander and you lose the moment. It is a difficult situation for you and more so for your partner because he/she does not have the same mind frame at the time.

Tips To Handle Bad Sex

So, what can you do to handle bad sex? Take these tips to cope.

Not In Mood
Never say that. Even if you are not in the mood, never ever say that to your partner because it is the biggest turn off. If you are not in the mood, then talk to your partner about various things. When he/she makes the move, try to enjoy it. Nothing takes your stress away like good amount of fondling and caressing.

Spice It Up
You are not a machine and nor is your partner. So, give the thought on your mind that sex is something that you 'have to do' for the sake of it. Make it a thing that you 'want to do' and desperately want to do. This desperation makes your partner feel all the more special.

Do not restrict your idea of foreplay to fondling breasts or blow jobs. There are more places which stimulate your partner. The back, the nipples, earlobes, chheks, neck, back of the ear and sometimes feet are places which your partner wants you to touch and explore. So, forget your stress for the moment and give it a shot.

If you are having bad sex, then both of you are to blame for it. Let your imaginative juices flow and enjoy the sensations in your body. A prolonged and enjoyable session of intercourse can be the greatest stress buster.

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