What To Do With A Naked Man?

Seeing your partner naked can excite you every time. Women hesitate to roam naked or semi naked around their men. But, men do not find it embarrassing to come out in a towel after a shower. Seeing your man half naked can definitely tempt you. Looking at the wet skin is sexually appealing to the eyes of a woman. If your man has come out naked in front of you (intentionally or unintentionally), utilise the moment to the fullest. Here is what you should do when you see a naked man in front of you!

Things to do with a naked man:

Things To Do With A Naked Man

Feel his back:
The back of a man excites a woman within minutes. If the chest is clean and well built, it adds fuel to the fire! Feel his back with your soft hands. Use your long grown fingers to scratch his back and signal that you are getting into the mood to have sex. You can also give him a sexual back massage.

Tickle him: Have some fun with your naked man by tickling him. Search his erogenous zones and attack. His neck, chest, back and upper thigh regions are his sensuous zones. Tickle him there to excite him and make him ready to have sex with you.

Strip: When your man is standing or lying naked in front of you, you also need to accompany your man. Stop feeling shy. Even he is naked. Strip your clothes slowly. Make him come close to you while you get naked and accompany him.

Pick up a place: After you strip, go and sit on a new place (like a couch or a kitchen slab) where you want him to follow you. Keep turning behind to signal him that you are calling him towards you. When you reach the place, sit in a sensual way and tempt him to have sex right there. Stimulate yourself while he is staring at you. This self stimulation would work wonders.

Reach his G spot: Yes! Even men have a special G spot. The place between testicles and anus is the G spot of a man. Just tickle there or rub your hands in the G spot of your naked man. By doing this thing, you would definitely end up having sex!

These are few sexual things that you should do when you see a naked man. Do not break the mood of your naked man the next time you see him showing off his assets!

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