Things To Do Inside Swimming Pool

When you see a hot sexy chick swimming in the pool on screen, you always think of going into the pool. Sexy bikinis and wild imaginations take its toll and you see yourself dreaming. When your partner takes a dip into the pool, you always wish to see and observe her.

To have a sexy session insider the pool, here are few tips on what to do inside the swimming pool.

Things To Do Inside Swimming Pool

Things to do inside the swimming pool:

Start with a bikini: Firstly, wear a sexy bikini to turn on your man. Women should definitely try this trick to excite their men in the swimming pool and force them to take a dip with you. Wear a sexy bikini that shows off your cleavage well. When you are in water, the breasts lift up so see that the bikini bra flaunts your lifted breasts well.

Take your props: To bring in a change inside the swimming pool, try something naughty. Take few props like a sex toy or a lollipop. Play with it while trying some sexy dance moves. You can also try self suiting to make your man excited.

How about a camera?: If you are in the pool and he is busy working in the living room, just click a picture of yours inside the pool. Send it to his mobile and see how he comes running. Do not forget to pose in the sexiest way possible. Just one picture needs to talk it all. So, choose the best image!

A sexy kiss: When you are with your man inside the pool, do not directly start foreplay. Kiss each other passionately and then slowly play with your hands.

Play with your fingers: So what if you are inside the pool? You can tickle your man and use your big nails to excite him. Rub your nails on his back. Men can use their fingers to excite their lady love. Undress your lady and then go ahead.

Water sex: There are many sex positions that you can try inside the pool. However, it is tricky to have sex inside the swimming pool. You can try raft position (The woman will lie on the raft and the man will stand on the pool) or the water tube position (The woman will sit on man's lap in woman on top position).

These are few ways or rather tricks to spice up swimming pool bath. Relax and enjoy with your partner. Do you wish to do these things with your partner inside the swimming pool?

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Story first published: Monday, September 17, 2012, 18:57 [IST]
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