When Striptease Can Turn Off Men?

Striptease can excite a man in seconds. In a striptease, the woman sensually undresses herself and attracts a man towards her for making love. If you want to know how to do striptease, you can watch film videos where actors have danced and sensually stripped. Few are sensual whereas few can be a big turn off. When does a striptease become a turn off for a man? Find out...

When striptease turns off men?

Unrevealing: Striptease is about revealing your assets and gathering all his attention towards you through your act. If your dress is not sensual enough to reveal your sensual parts such as cleavage, legs or back, the striptease can become a turn off for him. Dress sensually to catch his eyes immediately.

Lack of sensuality: Striptease needs to be very sensual and intimate. You are trying to get him close through your sensuality and if that is lacking, you won't succeed in performing the striptease effectively. Don't feel shy. Its an art!!! The striptease should be sensual otherwise it can turn off men easily.

Funny for you: If you are taking striptease funny yourself, how can the man take it seriously? Instead of arousing mood, the man can turn off easily. The act and effort will be full waste!

Bad music/dance: Striptease is more effective if you play songs. There are several songs which adds spark to striptease. A striptease should have a sensual dance to build impact. If the song is not relating with the striptease act then it can be a turn off for your man. If you know you can't dance, use sensual skills to make the dance attractive and match with slow beat romantic songs with sensual lyrics!

These are few tips to know when a striptease can turn off men. So, select the best song and let yourself go.

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Story first published: Friday, January 20, 2012, 17:44 [IST]

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