Sex Tips For Working Couples

For working married couples, it becomes very difficult to have an active sex life. Only weekends are the days when they can enjoy sex whole day and night long. Many busy working professionals do not even get excited to have sex on weekdays. To make your night sexy by putting aside the work life will spice up your love life. Lets check out few sex tips for working couples.

Tips for working couples to spice up sex life:

Candle-light dinner together: In our hectic schedules, we hardly get time to have sex. The tension of getting up early, going to office etc, makes a working couple extremely lazy to have sex on weekdays. Lack of sex life can only frustrate a man and develop a gap in lovely married life. This is because men secrete more testosterone (sex hormone). According to many studies, they think about sex after every 30 minutes.

Sex Tips For Working Couples

A shower together: Take a break from single baths. On weekdays, couples do not have time to bathe with time also. Just get up a little early and take a shower together. If your partner is not ready to come in, try some excuse. For example, ask your partner to get your towel or some soap and then, pull him/her inside. It is fun to have surprise sex when there is no romance at all!

A sexy lingerie: While getting dressed for office, try some sexy lingerie. Wear it in front of your partner. If your man just woke up, morning erection can be best utilised in such a fresh day. Begin your day with sex and see how active and fresh you two feel through whole day.

Movie tonight?: Why not watch some late night show together? It is not written in any book that working married couples can't watch movies on weekdays. Go for a late night movie or watch it at home. You can download your favourite flicks if you are too lazy to go out after a hectic day at work. Cuddle each other, drink some beer and watch the movie while making out!

These are few sex tips that can bring romance back in working married couples life. Do you have more tips to offer us?

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