How To Seduce Unromantic Husband In Bed?

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Are you upset over your husband being very unromantic these days? Don't blame him as it is you (the wife) who is got to do some magic to unwrap those deep hidden desires of your man.

Seduction plays a very important role in spicing up romance between couple and also strengthens bond even better. It is women who got to come out of the cocoon and reveal their love to their partner. Being shy and expecting men to start up will not work always and also never make them realise the intensity of love for them.

Men at times like women getting wild, they like them being a vampiress in bed. Men would get crazy of those women who show off their oomph factor when the time demands. Today, we shall suggest a few tips about how wives can seduce their unromantic husbands in bed.

Tips For Wife To Seduce Unromantic Husband In Bed -

1. If you have habit of taking bath before lovemaking, avoid wearing a boring night wear as this is more than enough to turn off your husband. Purchase a hot bath robe with a lacy lingerie that peeps out of the robe and hints your husband what you want.

2. Watch Beyonce, Britney or Shakira and follow their erotic moves when you plan to give an entry to your bedroom. The moves and the dance in those dim lights are best seducing tips to look appealing and provide a visual pleasure to the partner.

3. If you are not those dancing types then here is a easy seducing tip. Just forget about clothes while sleeping on bed, the touch and friction of the bodies is enough to flame up the romance in bed.

4. Decorating your body with liquid chocolate, ice cream or fruits like a “desi" way would make it difficult for your husband to turn his eyes off you. Wearing a bikini in bed is not a bad idea as it is easy for your husband to get to have a look at your inner beauty.

5. Another age old seducing tip is decorating bed with flower petals or animal print bed spreads to make it more welcoming for your husband.

Story first published: Friday, September 23, 2011, 12:13 [IST]

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