Spice Up Romance With These Love Games!

Spice Up Romance
Are you bored of the monotonous lovemaking? Well, you can spice up romance by playing romantic love games which are not only sensual but can also be really intimate and wild! Here are few romantic games to spice up romance and lovemaking as flexibility increases the urge to make love. Take a look.

Romantic love games to spice up romance:

1. There are ample of sensual fruits used for lovemaking. Sensual fruits such as grapes, strawberries and bananas are widely used by couples to spice up romance and make it erotic. You can use these fruits and play with your partner to arouse him or her. This is an effective romantic game to get the partner in a mood to make love.

2. Creams are another romantic love games which can be enjoyed and tried to get him/her in a mood to make love. Apply chocolate or whipped cream on each other bodies and play the game of licking it with fun. For eg, tying hands of the partner before licking the cream or sauce to increase the feeling of tickles.

3. Striptease is romantic as well as a wild game which can be played by the couple. You can strip your partner and make him/her strip for you. You can play a game such as a quiz related to personal questions and strip if the answer is wrong. This is a fun and romantic game among couples.

4. You can also play the wait and watch romantic game with your partner. Striptease in front of your partner on a sensual music and let him watch till he loses his control. The lovemaking becomes wild and erotic after playing this romantic game.

5. You can also play chess or any of your favorite game. If you win a point, you take something of your wish and if you lose a point you give something of your partner's wish.

6. New lovemaking positions are the best romantic games to spice up romance. It is best to try new lovemaking positions to make the session more playful.

7. Truth and dare is a nice romantic game to spice up romance and make the lovemaking erotic. You can get your wishes fulfilled in this game! Play the sensual truth and dare themed game to spice the mood to make love.

Try these romantic games to spice up romance and make the lovemaking session romantic and wild every time!

Story first published: Wednesday, November 2, 2011, 16:19 [IST]

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