Ignite Passion In A Woman!

Ignite Passion Woman
Many men complain that their female partners never take the initiative to make love. Men desire to be loved in the same way as women. Always a man taking initiative can make him feel unwanted or a woman's dissatisfaction so for a healthy lovemaking life. Also, a woman is more into intimacy than lovemaking therefore, she is not always in a mood to make love. So, to increase her interest in lovemaking, here are simple tips to ignite the passion of a woman and get her in a mood to make love.

Set the ambiance: A woman gets excited when a nice ambiance is set up by her partner. Surprise her by lighting candles in the room, spraying sensual perfumes etc to excite her. For best results, arrange a candle light dinner as women get turned on when the ambiance is romantic. She likes it when she is felt wanted and loved!

Gift a lingerie: To get each other in a mood, gift a sensual lingerie to your woman. Make her wear it. This is an effective tip to ignite the passion. The woman will get extremely excited to see the gift and it will end up with a spicy lovemaking session.

Start slowly: To ignite the passion of a woman, the most effective tip is to start slowly. The woman gets into the erotic mood to make love when the lovemaking session is slowly approached. Undress her slowly whilst caressing her body.

Kiss: Start with kissing wild. Women love kissing as it excites them. Add tender touches and strokes to ignite passion.

Foreplay: One of the most important tip to ignite the passion of a woman is to indulge in foreplay. Give a sensual massage and slowly start foreplay to excite her. Feel and caress her to excite her.

Talk dirty: This tip to ignite the passion mostly works for the couple especially a woman. Whisper in her ears and express your needs to excite her.

Use these tips to ignite passion of a woman and enjoy the session.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 20, 2011, 16:54 [IST]

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