Best Love Making Positions Of All Time!

Best Love Making Positions
For better orgasm, couples need to know the best love making positions which are all time favorite. These lovemaking positions are useful to both men and women to reach climax. Lets check out the best love making positions.

Missionary position: This is one of the most common and widely used position to make love. In this man on the top position helps the couple get really close to each other and perform other things like caressing the woman on her neck etc at the same time. Even kneeling missionary position to make love is quite popular as the penetration is deeper and eye contact is also possible thus making love becomes erotic.

Woman on top: It is one of the best love making positions of the couples. Women especially love practicing this position to make love as it allows best stimulation of their clitoral area conducing to a better orgasm.

Sitting position: The room to penetrate is easy for a man in this position. Even the woman feels deeper penetration which helps her enjoy the moment. It doesn't require much effort to hold each other's body as the woman is sitting on a slab or chair whereas the man is comfortably standing. For best effect of this position to make love, make the woman sit on something which reaches your height easily therefore preventing you from bending in an uncomfortable position to insert.

Doggy style: One of the best love making positions of couples! If executed properly, this lovemaking position can be best performed. Thrust straight forward to go deeper to rub the g spot.

Spoon position: It is a side way position in which the couple lie on their sides facing away from each other. The legs and arms overlap. This is one of the best positions for couples as it doesn't require much effort. Also, it is one of the advised position to make love during pregnancy.

These are the 5 best love making positions loved by couples.

Story first published: Saturday, September 17, 2011, 11:36 [IST]

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