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Before we begin with the hot Taoist sex tips, let us understand what is Taoist sex all about. The Taoist believe that there is no right or wrong way to do sex. However there is a purposeful way that brings wealth, prosperity, healing and a life well lived. They approach the subject of human sexuality with a blend of curiosity and reverence.

The Taoists also approach sex on different levels. At the physical level, sexual activity can have an intense healing effect if one is having physical difficulties. At the emotional level, sexual praying can calm the emotions or mind and create a peaceful state within which to solve problems as well as create better circumstances. At the spiritual level, it is thought that certain sexual rituals can even 'spiritualize' the body, which is a body unbound by time and space.

Taoist Sex Tips
Taoist sex is all about exploring your partner with an intensity to achieve the highest level of desire. With the practice of this sexual tantra, an individual can learn the art of pleasing both your partner and yourself. The sexual moments or the art of touch leads to pleasurable sexual encounters and prolonged lovemaking that mounts the feeling of ecstasy.

  • To begin with, set the things like fragrance ( rose, musk and ylang ylang), candlelights and soft music. Dress in loose light soft fabrics. Choose healthy sex diets like strawberry, peaches... etc and healthy drink like mead. You can lie down on the floor or on the bed. If you are choosing a bed let it be firm, blanketed with soft fabric cloth. Make sure to keep away all kind of disturbances. Switch off your phones, disconnect the caller bells, and if possible lock the door from outside or place a clip on the knob that states "Do Not Disturb". Although these may seem similar details that is followed by ever lovemaking techniques it is a must for a thrilling sexual experiences.
  • Enhance your lovemaking with a loving gaze. Do not sprang into each others body like scavengers. Prepare your lover by gently patting up and down the body to wake up the nerves. Pat on softer areas such as the belly and face. Do not touch breasts and genitals. Communicate with your partner for a feedback. You can even rub in on the soft areas. After the physical touch play with your partners emotional thirst. Tease your lover by using long lackadaisical strokes the length of the whole body, brushing close by your lovers genitals. Hint your partner whats ahead.
  • Do not get into action as there are lots more to tantalize those senses. Sit facing each other, cross legged and begin the seductive massage. Do a self massage by placing the tips of your fingers on your nipples and gently moving the skin over the flesh in a spiraling movement, for nine long, slow breaths. Now keep doubling the breaths as you move on to your ribs, edges of the ribs, midway between ribs and navel. Bring both hands together just below the navel, and gently circulate the skin over the flesh for 45 breaths. Then move on to midway between navel and pubic bone and massage for 54 and then just above the pubic bone for 63. Massage the genitals for 72. Finally, then perineum, between anus and genitals, for 81 Rest side by side without touching each other. While doing the whole process ask your partner to copy what you are doing.

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 16, 2007, 17:15 [IST]

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