Lovemaking games

The monotonous sexual practices tend to hamper love relationship in a long run. In order to keep the fire burning, experiment with new stuffs in your sexual life. Here are few lovemaking games to help you get back the passion and zeal in your sexual life. Get ready to play few sensuous sex games.

"I am your slave"
The slave game is a seductive game, where one of the partner becomes the love slave of the other person's interest.

Take two pieces of paper and write "master" in one and "slave" in another. Fold it neatly and then shuffle it on the bed. Ask her to pick one. If the folded paper is titled slave then you are the ruler. You can ask her to do anything to please you tonight for 30 minutes. The term 'anything' includes lap dance, blind fold sex.... etc. Command your desire and she will fulfill. After 30 minutes roll the chits back on the bed and let the fate decide who is the master again. While playing the game make sure not to have orgasm fast as one of the partner will loose the interest.

 If you are scared of the fate, then play it in turns. You and your woman take turns being each other's love slave. When you hold the banner called slave, follow all her orders, and serve her needs. Focus on giving her the maximum pleasure that she always desired for. Then when it's your turn, you become the master and order her around. This sex game is great because you have fun with swapping roles and taking turns being a dominant person.

"Get me dressed"
It is all about being naughty creatively. Get yourself a doctors outfit with a doctor's bag full of toys (Adult toys) and ask your wife or lover to wear the naught nurses costume. You know what to do next. Teach her how the toys are played or make her play the toys on you.

"Do you remember the steamy kiss behind the bush..."
This game is called 'down the memory lane'. Travel back to the days when you were dating, when you used to wait for a single second opportunity to experience the silent steamy kiss. After few years of marriage when you have the license to share a kiss in front of millions, one seems to loose interest. The purpose of this game is to add spice to the older experiences. All you need for the game is your car or a parking spot (without interruption) or a garage or dark bush in the garden or the dark terrace lit by sparkling stars. Rest you know what to do and what you used to do.

The beauty of this game is the one who enacts the same romantic incident in the same place will be showered with erotic body massage to the ares you please. So try to be the winer you have an extra bonanza at the end.

Buy lovemaking games
Last but not the least, surf on the net for lovemaking games kit and order it today. See what difference it makes in your love life. Some of the best ones are, 'Wildly Sexy Dare ', 'Romantic Rendezvous games' and 'Hearts are Wild Game'.
The major goal of a sexual experience is to have an orgasm that can linger in your thoughts even in your busy schedule. The game is all about pleasing the other person's desires in creative way. So get going love birds its time for play.


Story first published: Friday, June 8, 2007, 17:04 [IST]

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