Master Seductive Lap Dance

Lap dance is a man melting, tantalizing and erotic dance. Master this art to get seductive on the bed. Here are some useful guidelines to perform sensual lap dance that will make him ponder over you for life.

General rules

  • You will never look sexy if you are bashful, embarrassed or hesitant. So perform only when you are in the mood to curl his toes. Lap dancing is all about showing off all your assets. So get down on the floor its time for some late night thrill.
  • Be careful while selecting the music. Slow and sensual is the best. Practice to the beat several times before giving the final performance.
  • Be colorful and sensual while choosing the outfit. Wear a bold outfit and make up that he has never imagined you with. Have on your sexiest red bra, g-string, stockings and long boots or stilettos. However make sure to keep your man fully clothed.
  • Light the room with just two or three fragrant candles until your confidence grows. This will also help you to cover up all the mistakes and fill him with more desire. Select the seating for your partner and plan the whole set up of the room according to his interest. Select a chair that is preferably a sturdy one with arms.

Get started

Before you begin the tantalizing act, remember you are his private dancer and can get seductive only for him. Make sure to explain the ground rule at the beginning. The rule is 'Hands Off!' Only you can do the touching; any touching by him will end the lap dance.

Start the move about three feet in front of him, by swaying your hips sensually in a swirl motion. Once you are right in front of him place one foot on the floor between his feet, and the other on the arm of the chair. Let him smell your body and have a closer look at all your assets. Caress yourself in a seductive move the way he would like to touch you. Move your hands up your legs to your thighs. Remember, men love to see women enjoying their bodies. Have an eye contact and remember to smile like a seductive woman. Stick your bottom towards his lap and move your body near his bust. Put your hands on the arms of the chair and lean your breasts into him, rubbing them over his face and down his body. Tease him by pulling yourself back and forth.

Talk naughty. Tell him what is in store for him. When he is up to make love, turn your back to him and flick your hair in his face as you raise your upper body. With straight legs, bend forward slightly, look back at him flirtatiously, and lightly slap your bottom and remind him the ground rule. Strip your clothes (if you are wearing anything more other than the bra and g string) in this order blouse, skirt, stockings, bra and g-string or thong. Throughout the performance move away from your partner and dance for a few moments with the beat, allowing him to see your every asset, then move back closer again. When the music sweeps away in the darkness, break the lap dance rules and get active on the mattress.

For more moves buy Carmen Electras striptease videos, that notes every step with sensuality and seduction. So get going gals, make him crave for more. Lit the passion of love with the seductive moves he will never forget.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 25, 2007, 18:51 [IST]

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