Her Erogenous Zones ...Contd

Inner sides of thighs- these are sensitive to touch and have many nerve endings. So, touch, kiss and gently nibble this zone, but don't even think of getting near her genitals so soon. Let her wait for it. Tease her by whispering in her ear that you are approaching it.


Behind the kneesit is not the pleasure zone for every woman. So, stroke her mildly and with her intense to crave for more prolong for further techniques. She may get crazy when you get down there to gently nibble or lick her. Do not over do it, as this area is very sensitive with the highest nerve endings. She may get annoyed if it starts tickling her then giving her the desired pleasure. To intense the feeling stroke two- three of her sensitive spots together. Get creative you can even use your toes for it.

Feet - ensure that your woman has a clean feet before you begin the sensual play. Many women enjoy their feet being sucked, licked and touched but alas that is the most neglected area. Toe sucking is highly intimate with high rated sexual feeling. Soles and ankles also play a major role. These ticklish zones can arouse pleasant sensation that will linger in her thoughts for a longer time.

Wrists - This the best part to start the foreplay. Nuzzle and nibble it to get her into the mood. Your love will surely be impressed to see how keen you are to even take care of the smallest zones like these. So impress her and take her on high. Make her feel that you are in her command to please her to the brim.


Hands - men may raise their eyebrows at the phrase of hands being the sensitive zones. Caressing and kissing her hand especially the palm can build her excitement quickly. Play with her fingers and run your hand or any of your erogenous spots on them to double the pleasure. For more fire spread chocolate or ice cream on her hands and lick it. Concentrate on this area she will really love it.


To end with, creativity is the key to any kind of sexual act. So use your creativity, there may be many sensitive areas other than the mentioned. Explore her body inch by inch to find her pleasure spots. You can even ask for feedback after the intercourse. This will let you analyse what to do next time when you are on the bed. Do not directly jump to the last scene, take some time to love every part of her body. Lead your fingers and tongue to the right spots to drive her crazy for more. Touch her, kiss her and tease her for a sexual pleasure that stays live for long in her thoughts even when she is away from you.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 14, 2007, 16:49 [IST]

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