Foreplay: The best way to get started

How do you start and take your lovemaking to great heights? Are you done soon, but would like to prolong the process of love? Then my friend, foreplay is what you need to master.


Foreplay in actual terms means stimulation, sexual and sensual. This is essential for an extended act of love. Lovemaking is more than just the act. There is an involvement of all the senses and they all work in co-ordination to take you to great heights of pleasure and passion.

With the batting of an eyelid, men get into the mood, but women are made differently. They need to be coaxed, pampered and taken there, to ignite the fire. The true essence of making love is the active and equal involvement of both partners. So first, stimulate your partner with love and fruits of passion.

Do you remember your first kiss? Thou named it the 'fire of passion.' There seemed to be no start and no end. It was like the endless knot. Have you forgotten how it all felt? If you have, its time you got back. Kiss like there is no tomorrow. Feel the softness of the lips, and the beating of the heart. Sense the growing fervour. Something as small as a kiss, an take your lovemaking to heights you have never experienced before. Eat the lipstick off her and whisper the flavour in her ears. Smell the perfume on her neck and snuggle her. You could have her ears for dessert.

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Get started even before you are started. Hide sweet sexy notes, in his wallet or her make-up kit. Stick messages on his shaving mirror. Tell him, how his after- shave drives you up the ceiling. Surprise him with your favourite piece of lingerie, in his travel bag, when away from you. What good are cell phones if not put to use. Text a few incomplete messages leaving your partner fill in the rest. "When I get home I'm going to..." or "I love it when you..." or "Today lets..." Imagination runs wild and may your partner make the best of it.

Sensuality is at its best when rubbed in. Pick up scented oils. Give your dear one a massage that will remain with him/her for a long time. See that nothing interrupts your kneading. Switch off your phones, spread towels if you are using the bed, if you like it hard, use the floor with protection so that it does not get slippery with oil. Liberally spread the aromatic oil from head to toe. Smooth long strokes, is the mantra here. Move your hands throughout using your body weight and not arm strength. Run those naughty fingers on the toes, feet, ankles, navel and along the stomach. Do not rush, it will spoil the fun. Just let go and pamper. Slow movements with soft whispers, will reduce your partner to a puppy wanting for more. Just wink at your helpless pet, nothing more, let cravings take on.

You will have a weak spot and an instant turn on spot. If your partner has unravelled this strongly guarded secret of ages, then ask them to prey you in with it. When your partner is unaware of this pleasurable secret, show them. Run them through your points and show them how you feel. Be sure that next time you will be the prey of bliss and you will feel that being helpless isn't bad after all.

Get imaginative, get naughty, and derive your own ideas for foreplay. Do not rush through. Lovemaking is an art and food for the soul. Feed and nourish it, for long lasting good health. Always care for your partner and make them feel nice and wanted. Make love with love.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 14, 2006, 17:48 [IST]

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