Attractive booty!

'The buttocks are the most aesthetically pleasing part of the body because they are non-functional. Although they conceal an essential orifice, these pointless globes are as near as the human form can ever come to abstract art." This memorable quote by Kenneth Tynan is nothing but the insightful truth on the beauty of the human body.

Nothing seems more attractive to men than women's booty in super tight sexy jeans. As for women, most of them pay attention to men's buttocks first and foremost - they find them much more gorgeous than anything else that a man can boast of.

Super hot celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Minogue, Cindy Crawford, Eva Mendes, Eva Longoria, Charlize Theron , Kate Winslet, Catherine Zeta Jones and Sophie Loren are known to have the best backsides in the world.

Arse, backside, booty, caboose, apple cheeks, bum, cushions, rump and tush are most commonly used terms for buttocks.

Since time immemorial , buttocks are considered the most beautiful part of the body for both men and women. Some consider well-formed buttocks to be sexually attractive. However, the definition of "well-formed" is up for debate, as sexual aesthetics of the buttocks vary considerably from culture to culture, per fashionable style period and even from person to person.

In Ancient astrology, various parts of the body were associated with signs of the zodiac- e.g. the buttocks to the Balance. In most cultures with a (partial) nudity taboo, this specifically applies to the buttocks (as usually to the most erogenous zones), so mainstream garments generally cover them completely, even when that is not a practical requirement.

However, the fixation for great buns remains an eternal turn on and no one can help pleasuring up their loved on with some spanking during a steamy passion of sex. Most men are fixated by the rotundity of the buttocks. The beauty of the 'booty' is simply inexplicable.

For some hot love making, it's best to wear a thong to show off the moon like curve of the butt. Kissing, kneading, squeezing and massaging these moons is surely the best way to get turned on.

To make the best out a great love making session, make sure you cup the butt cheeks super tight and massage them vigorously. You can be sure that your love would be begging for more.

Try the booty bridge, bend forward with your legs slightly spread and your arms either hanging loose in front of you or resting on a low chair for balance while your guy enters you from behind, pulling himself as close to you as possible while holding your torso for support.

During missionary-style love making, gently tap his buttocks. Or try reaching around and giving his buns a mini-massage with a firm kneading motion. Another cheek-pleasing checkpoint: Run your nails along his backside and tickle the spot where his back and butt meet.

With all these hot tips, spice up your love sessions by getting fixated on these beautiful moons.

Story first published: Friday, August 18, 2006, 14:51 [IST]

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