Embarrassing Moments While Having Sex

Embarrassing Moments While Having Sex
Do you know why women are conscious about themselves in bed? They are worried about their performance and mistakes that they can commit while enjoy sex! Having sex is pleasurable but, sometimes, you can end up doing something that is embarrassing for that particular moment. Here are few most embarrassing moments that you can face while having sex.

Farting: While making love, suddenly you hear your partner farting or you take out some air thinking it will not be heard. How would you feel? Yuk right! Actually, this is an embarrassing moment for both of you and farting at such a time can also spoil the mood of either of you two.

Urgency to pee: In the midst if enjoying the pleasure, your partner wants to pee. Well, this can be a turn off because a few seconds diversion from the mood spoils the sex drive. It might be easy for women to pee but for men, peeing with a hard on is a big deal!

Queefing: Many couples feel that passage of air from the vagina is farting. It is actually queefing. Expulsion of gas from the vagina while having an intercourse is queefing. It is more common in sex positions such as doggy style. This is because the entry of air to the vagina is higher. If air enters while you have an intercourse, you queef. This is an embarrassing moment while having sex as you will feel weird about the noise that sounds like a fart!

Burping: Kissing is common while making love. Imagine your partner is kissing you on your face and suddenly you take out a burp. The foul smell comes out from your mouth when your partner is very close to you. This would be an embarrassing moment for anyone as it is natural but unavoidable...

Cuming on her face: Few men fantasize to cum on his partner's face but, this ugly fantasy can be embarrassing for you. If a woman hates to take the sperm on her face and you cum accidentally, you will be satisfied due to pleasure but, the aftermath can be really bad!

Wrong name: It is nothing uncommon. There are couples who fantasize about their hot and sensual opposite sex especially celebrities. You might love to fantasize about the perfectly figured crush at office too! To enjoy the pleasure of making love, you call your partner with the wrong name. You will not only turn off the mood of your partner but also welcome a long fight that can be really ugly for your relationship.

These are few embarrassing moments a couple can face while having sex. Which is your most embarrassing moment while you were making love.

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Story first published: Tuesday, May 29, 2012, 17:54 [IST]

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