Its Time To Get Physical With Your Partner!

Signs Get Physical Partner
When you start dating someone, the first feeling is of lust and the mental bonding takes time. This is not your fault. It is human nature and the feeling of lust first captures the mind. However, you don't initiate this in the beginning of your relationship. You think twice before taking your relationship one step ahead. So, when do you know that it is time to get physical with your partner?

Signs to know it is time to get physical:

When his closeness drives you crazy inside: As you are dating, holding hands and the sudden touch of a man can excite you. When you start feeling good and after the touch then it is a clear sign that you can get little physical with your partner. Male touch should affect the drive and you should be comfortable.

When the moves are right: Often couples commit mistakes while taking initiatives thus spoiling the very moment of lovemaking. When the man takes the right moves and tries to excite you in the best way to suit the situation, it is a sign to get physical.

When you want your partner to touch you: In a relationship, you gradually want him/her to come close to you and touch you. The urge to get your partner close is a clear sign that you want him/her physically now!

Comfort: When you are with your partner and his closeness, touch and talks excite you, you feel some rush. If you are comfortable when the touch is felt, then it shows a clear sign that you are now ready to get physical with your partner. Also the understanding and trust builds the comfort level.

When you want more than a kiss: While kissing your partner, the wish to caress her or him and hugging him/her tight signals your partner that you are excited and in a mood to make love but controlling yourself. If you feel to go beyond kissing, then you want to get physical.

These are the common signs to know whether it is time to get physical with your partner.

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Story first published: Monday, December 5, 2011, 17:38 [IST]

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