When Sex Gets Funny

Funny Love Making
While healthy sex life is a part of people's life, sometimes it could get really funny.

Gina Mckinnon has recorded some of the funniest sexual tales in her new book' 1001 Ridiculous Sexual Misadventures'

An Edinburgh man was caught romping with a traffic cone claimed to be carrying out a piece of fringe theatre.

A teenage couple in the Czech Republic were run over by a tractor while making love in the hay, reports the Daily Star.

In 2001, the King of Swaziland fined himself a cow for the breach of his own rule of banning sex in his country.

A Kent couple were caught red handed while giving vent to their sexual fantasies in a fridge in a super market. When the security guard questioned what they were up to, the woman said "chilling out

Lee Shin 29 and Lin Gu, 25 a couple from Taiwan were hospitalised when their car skid of a cliff while engaging in extra marital sexual affair in the back seat.

A French couple was freezed on a mobile phone camera while making love in the lobby of a bank.

A woman in 1986 flashed her boobs to distract staff of a clothing store while her companion robbed the place.

Sexually hilarious!


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