Do Men Value Virginity?

I asked this question to one of my friends, and to my astonishment he answered me; "The fruits once bitten by squirrels are more tastier". Men seems to have grown more lenient towards the concepts of virginity. Virginity is a stone age old concept and people are more over perplexed with different opinions when virginity becomes a hot issue. Virginity is all about being an un-kissed flower or untasted honey. But, do men value virginity anymore today as the concepts of life and relationships have been changed a lot and people prefer to be rational than filmy.

Now it is time for us to ask, what is virginity? The common definition of a virgin is someone who has not had sex with the opposite sex . And of course, no similar barometer existed for men. Virginity was a concept that held serious significance when it came to women. There was a slighter consideration of it regards men, but it was with women that the importance of her virginity was paramount. The modern definition, applied to both men and women, goes something like this: If you have had sex,then you are not a virgin.

The concept of virginity was imposed on human beings for various reasons. First of all the concept helped us to stay off from sexual anarchy. Secondly it saved human kind from various sexually transmitted infections. The concept of virginity made our lives more dignified and taught us to respect our bodies. It knit our families with a strings of divinity and purity.

But today, the society has changed it's mind a lot. Now for a majority of us virginity is just an out dated concept. The modern society is much more liberal and tolerant than it used to be. It has opened the doors of opportunities for men and women alike thus making the life more mingled. In earlier times women were living behind the closed doors of houses thus limiting themselves from any kind of interactions with men. But today from morning to sunset and again from sunset to the dawn, both men and women live together, widening the sexual freedom and thus increasing the possibility of loosing virginity at any point of time.

Today men seems more tolerant towards the idea of virginity. They too have started realising that it is not just the celestial concepts or romantic fantasies that accomplish the male female relationship, but the unity of souls and the loving bond of minds. Virginity is just a physical phenomena which is much lover in concern with regarding a relationship. Even though a premarital affair is tolerable for most of the men, an affair or sex outside marriage are never acceptable and justifiable. It is on the loyalty and mutual faithfulness each family and the society is established.

Even though the concepts have changed, both men and the society should value virginity for at least to hold to the ages old moral standards. Virginity is not just raising barriers for a women to be social beings, but it is the more over an ethical concern to make the society a better place to stay where each one respects the freedom and individuality of each one.

Story first published: Monday, December 31, 2007, 15:08 [IST]

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