Let the Sexual Dysfunctions not mar your life

Sexual dysfunctions can be described as experiencing difficulties during any stages of sexual intercourse like desire, arousal, orgasm and resolution that mars sexual pleasure of the individual or the couple. Some of the most common sexual dysfunctions are described below.

This is a condition in some women, characterized by recurrent genital pain while engaging in sexual activity. The pain is generally experienced during penetration and also during non-penetration wherein the genitals are stimulated. The pain can lead to withdrawal from sexual activities or a decreased interest in sexual activities.

The causes can relate to both physical as well as psychological causes. The main causes can be attributed to sexual trauma, inadequate lubrication or irritants such as spermicides or latex and other problems like vulvovaginitis, genital herpes, atrophic vulvitis, urethral problems, episiotomy and radiation vaginitis.

Treatment has to be provided based on the cause whether it is physical or psychological.

Vaginismus is a condition due to the involuntary contractions of vaginal muscles. The affected faces discomfort during penetration. Vaginismus results in avoidance of sexual contact. Some derive pleasure through extensive foreplay that lead to orgasm without penetration.

Phobic reaction due to physical or sexual abuse can be the causes. Some other causes may be intense pain during the first intercourse, religious orthodoxy, relationship problems, fear of pregnancy or rape etc.

Exposing the patient to sex therapy or psychological counseling can be a form of treatment. 'Cognitive behavioral therapy' is the term used for the treatment.

Anorgasmia is characterized by absence of sexual orgasm in women following sexual excitement during intercourse.

The causes can be accounted to an estranged relationship between the couple, background issues like familial or religious teachings that mar sexual stimulation, anxiety etc.

Sex therapy and psychological counseling that includes both the partners are the most effective ways of treating the patient.

Premature Ejaculation
Premature ejaculation is a condition in men wherein ejaculation takes place much prior to their wish during, before or shortly after less sexual stimulation.

Physical causes can be accounted to infections of the urethra and prostate, neglected gonorrhea, and overly tight foreskin. However psychological reasons like a man's inability to recognize the moment of ejaculation can be a more authentic cause for the problem.

Treatment includes sex therapy, psychological counseling, drug therapy that delays ejaculation and special therapy to improve ejaculatory control etc.

Male Orgasmic Disorder
This disorder accounts to recurrent delay in orgasm and ejaculation. The causes account to less of physical problems and are based on psychological reasons like traumatic sexual experience, over control, lack of trust, strict religious upbringing etc.

Since the causes are largely due to psychological problems, Psychological counseling and treatment are the best ways to handle the problem.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
It is the inability in men to attain erection or maintain it throughout the period of sexual intercourse.

Alcohol, Drugs, HIV, Parkinsons, Multiple sclerosis and lesions in the spine are some of the diseases that cause this problem. Psychological, physical or a mixture of both accounts to the emergence of this problem.

The patient can be exposed to the treatment of a sex therapist, psychologist and a urologist.

Intracavernosal injection, vacuum devices and surgical interventions are some of the methods used in treating the problem.

The remarkable advancement in the field of medicine promises a cure to almost all kinds of Sexual Dysfunctions.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 7, 2007, 17:28 [IST]

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