Use These Kissing Types To Show Love

Types of kissing
Kissing is a healthy and effective method of building proximity with your love. French kiss and normal pecks on the cheeks, neck and ears are too common. Kissing makes the couple feel in love and revives their mood for lovemaking. Try out the new types of kissing to boost up romance:

  • Stopping her, grabbing her towards you and slowly going towards the lips to smooch is a very common type of kissing. Playing with her hair the time of kissing makes her get into the mood and get into deep kissing.
  • You must have tried kissing each other while rubbing each others nose. This is also one of the types of kissing which is a nice way to show love.
  • Kissing on the eyes is very common and all time favorite after French smooches. Kissing her or him when they are sleeping directly reaches the heart.
  • Licking while kissing is an intimate and sensual way to show wild love. Licking just one lip or both the lips are good to start foreplay. Use your tongue to tickle and get into the erotic mood.
  • Share ice cubes or alcohol into each other's mouth. Take a sip of alcohol and pass it onto the mouth of the partner and see the new taste of it.
  • Fruity type of kiss is another very sensual types of kissing. Take juicy fruit like strawberry and place it between your lips and go close to your partner. Let him/her come close and share a bite from your mouth. This will automatically end up kissing deep.
  • French kiss is the most popular type of kissing among all couples and is very effective too. It not only burns calories but is very long lasting. The deep exchange of saliva and constant biting and licking of lips send a message of desire fore love which can turn into deep passion.
  • Ears are sensitive area which gets the girls into mood. To increase the drive for lovemaking, kiss her on her ears, behind the ears and lick with tongue to tickle her. Biting the ears while kissing is a nice way to be wild and effective for lovemaking.
  • Sucking the lips while kissing is raw and makes the other half kiss you back. Suck tight to signal that you are in a mood to make love.
  • Belly-button type of kiss falls under best kisses. It is sensual to make her shiver and get both of you in a mood. Kiss, bite and blow on her belly to create more impact. She may try to stop you softly but don't let her stop.
  • Tongue kissing is a hot way and exciting too. Chew the tongue of each other and pull while kissing.
  • Toe type of kiss has impact on both as it is very soft and sensitive area which if tickled gets into the mood of lovemaking in seconds. Try kissing on the toes or feet and lick and bite the toes.

Use these types of kissing to express your love and bring variation in lovemaking. Know the best kisses based on her reaction and use it. Kisses are intimate and will get you in a mood too!

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