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Side Effects Of Hormonal Contraception
The most important reason for low libido in women is the use of hormonal contraception, says the researchers. Hormonal contraceptives, which are made up of female sex hormones, include oral contraceptives, vaginal ring, trans dermal patches, intrauterine systems, injected progesterone, emergency ...
Side Effects Hormonal Contraception
Evolution Egg Sperms
The Evolution Of Eggs And Sperm
Have you ever wondered why most sexually reproducing organisms have two contrasting sex cells: big, immobile eggs in females and plenty of small motile sperms in men? Scientists have at last disclosed the secrets behind the reproductive science.James Umen and colleagues ...
Monitor Your Reproductive Status After Vasectomy!
Many men are confused on when to use the ccontraceptive methods after vasectomy. Here is the solution for you! You can now resort to a medical home test kit based on a protein called SpermCheck Vasectomy.University of Virginia ...
Spermcheck Vasectomy
Male Contraceptive Pill
Male Contraceptive Pill On Trial
First of its kinds, the male contraceptive injection is all set to be tested by the men in Sydney. The Aussie men are the first ones to try the male pill that will allow them control over their fertility. ...
Ten Best Aphrodisiacs To Boost Sexual Desire
Passion has been the ultimate of all obsessions. Sex is the most primitive and vital of all expressions till date, its language has remained unchanged and its craving is still powerful. ...
Lovemaking Food Aphrodisiacs

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