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Summer Aphrodisiacs To Increase Sex Drive
As it is summer, you are in no mood to make love. To enjoy a good date at home, you can include some delicacies which can cool you down from the summer heat whilst boost your sex drive. You can make ...
Summer Aphrodisiac Increase Libido 220312 Aid
Bollywood Pill
A Bollywood Pill For Filmy Lovemaking
Want to get fierce in bed as the bollywood heroes? Want to have the charm of a bollywood hero to impress your ladylove on bed? Here's a solution for you 'Bollywood Pill.' Bollywood pill is the intervention of a ...
Natural Viagra In Watermelon
If you are too embarrassed to pop-in a few blue pills for every trip in the bed, fret no more as your stimulant may as well be available in your own kitchen. ...
Watermelon Natural Viagra
Lovemaking Food Aphrodisiacs
Ten Best Aphrodisiacs To Boost Sexual Desire
Passion has been the ultimate of all obsessions. Sex is the most primitive and vital of all expressions till date, its language has remained unchanged and its craving is still powerful. ...
Dry Sex and HIV Risk
Dry sex, intercourse without lubrication is a prevalent practice in some parts of the world. Women even use treatments to make themselves hot, tight and dry. Some women dry out with substances obtained from traditional healers, while others use detergents, salt, ...
Dry And Hiv
Grapes Symbol Eroticism
Grapes, the symbol of sex and eroticism
It has been noticed from time immemorial that writers, being highly imaginative people use a number of symbols to give an object or their thinking a symbolic significance. You might notice that every object, possessing a unique attribute is given a ...

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