Tips To Excite Your Sagittarius Man

If you are a light hearted and easy going person than Sagittarius man is going to love you. Sagittarius men make excellent lovers. They are simple, honest and fun loving species. They have a sense of adventure in them and are definitely not the control freaks.

A Sagittarius man however lacks emotion. He will not want a deep, emotional connection with his partner. But he is the best option if you want a pleasurable sexual experience.

Tips To Excite Your Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius men do not prefer women who are emotionally needy or clingy. They need their space at any cost. They love adventurous women who can excite them and take them on a sexually adventurous trip. So, if you are dating a Sagi man then better be prepared for all of these.

Check out these tips to excite your Sagittarius man in bed.

Outdoor Sex: As we said, Sagi man is the adventurous type. So, he will love to have sex outside the box. So, go on a trip with your man and see how he gets sexually excited outside the walls of the bedroom.

Excite His Erogenous Zones: Take the lead and run your fingers on his inner thighs and hips. Your man will surely love it.

The Charm: Sagittarius loves charm. Develop a good sense of humour if you want to take your man to the bed.

Instant Sex: Sagittarius loves surprises. So, surprise your Sagi mate in the kitchen or bathroom or even in his study and see how he gets wild with the instant sex.

The Sound Effect: Sagittarius men love expression. So, tell him what exactly you want him to do and tell him where to touch you. Do not lie flat, show your excitement by making seductive sounds. This is enough to make your man go wild.

Take these tips and try it on your Sagittarius man tonight and have a great time together.

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