Have You Tried The 'Surprise Sex' Yet?

Bored of the usual love making? Then try out 'surprise sex'. Every one of us craves for novelty in our routine life. So, there is no reason why our sex lives should be deprived of it. We all love surprises and nothing can be more fun than having a steamy surprise on the bed. Make your sex life interesting and more fun by stirring up a magical potion of fun mixed with sex. You guy will never take his eyes off you after that!

Surprise sex is not rocket science. You just have to think of something unusual tonight to make your guy jump up with excitement. We do not mean you to scare him away in any way. Make some sensual moves or surprise him with an unusual sex position which will make his mouth go wide open with wonder. If you are wondering how to do it, then we are here to help you out.

Have You Tried The 'Surprise Sex' Yet?

So, when your guy comes home tonight, just try out these few surprise sex tricks on him and watch him go crazy with pleasure.

Call Him
Make the first move by calling him. Do not reveal your intentions of sex. Just say that you want him to come home early and you have something important to discuss with him. Make sure you do not get him panicky. Speak normally.

Wear The Passion
Once he is about to reach home, change into a sexy lingerie. Make sure he is at the door before you open it. Open the door to him and let him find you in a whole new sexy avatar.

Sneak Up
After he gets in, just sneak up behind him and get a hold on him. Kiss him behind the ear and start undressing him. He will definitely be taken by surprise. But he will love it more than anything else.

Stun Him
Look up a new sex position and try it out on the bed. Ditch the usual missionary position and try the cowgirl position with him. He will get mad with the awe and pleasure.

Talk Naughty
Keep talking naughty during the whole time. Whisper some sexy things in his ear which he would love to hear. Dirty talk drives men wild.

So, try these tricks on your man and do the whole new surprise sex moves. You both will definitely love it.

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Story first published: Monday, September 30, 2013, 19:17 [IST]
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