How To Master 'Sex Buddies' Relation?

These days, having a sexual partner without getting into a commitment is not something strange. You might have seen the movies Friends With Benefits or No Strings Attached! There are many couples who have opted for a sexual relationship and no serious commitment. Also known as sex buddies or fuck buddies, this type of relationship is cool but needs lot of care and attention. One mistake and you will lose your partner fore ever! So, here are few tips to strengthen relationship of sex buddies.

Tips to strengthen sex buddies relationship:

How To Master 'Sex Buddies' Relation?

Keep it a secret: This is the only commitment that sex buddies demand from each other. In most cases, men are open about this relationship but women are not. So, to keep it a private affair, do not discuss with your friends. Just to gain attention and show that you are not a virgin, men talk about it after having sex to become popular. As a code of secrecy, couples must keep it as a secret (if required).

Don't be rude: Men in particular have the habit of turning rude immediately after having sex. They will either get up after they cum and get ready or just watch television. Well, although you are not committed to the woman, you should have some basic manners to respect at least. This type of attitude only shows that you use her for satisfying your sexual needs. Well, it is the truth but you can't be rude if you need her again!

Be ready for her: If you are sex buddies, you should follow this tip. Most commonly, the woman comes under the control of her buddy. When he needs her, she will come but when she needs him, he will not turn up! Well, you have to treat each other equally. If your sex buddy is treating you in such a way, stop being with such people!!! Although you are not dating each other, you should at least stand for each other to fulfill sexual needs.

These are few tips to master a relationship between sex buddies. Be careful at each and every step. Most importantly, be open about your relationship. This is because, getting into a sexual relationship can build an emotional bond.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 11, 2012, 18:50 [IST]
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