Do Men Love Aggressive Women In Bed?

Men Love Aggressive Women
Do men love aggressive women in bed? Well, most of the men do. Basically men always take the initiative in everything and women just enjoy the moment. If you turn the coin then men would be happier than before. A woman initiating lovemaking in bed makes a man go crazy with excitement. It also breaks the monotony.

Men love aggressive women because it is difficlut to find a woman who is bold in bed too! She is aggressive and dominates the man in bed. Aggressive women take control of the lovemaking session in bed and makes men enjoy the moment without hard work. Even when love to be loved instead of loving every time.

Aggressive women are wild in bed which makes them lovable among men. Women are shy and this is why men take a lot of time to make women comfortable in lovemaking. Aggressive women are dominating and active every time. Aggressive women also easily express their feelings and expectations from men which is not common among other women.

Men love fantasies and one of their fantasies is to be loved by a bold woman. Instead of working and helping her reach climax, the man enjoys the act performed by an aggressive woman. Aggressive women are not shy so it is easy for them to be comfortable and control the pace of lovemaking session.

Men love aggressive women as they are adventurous and loves to try various lovemaking positions. An aggressive woman would make a man try new acts to spice up the session and enjoy pleasure. Striptease and sensual dances are hot favorites of aggressive women.

It is believed that the more submissive a man will be the more he will like an aggressive woman. One of the drawbacks of aggressive women is, they are dominating and makes the man make love even if he is not in mood or is tired. Men love aggressive women but their excessive urge for lovemaking sometimes can lead to fights.

Handling aggressive woman in bed is not difficult. A man has to keep her coming and make her feel satisfied. An aggressive woman loves a man who is also aggressive like her. So, make her love you by being aggressive and erotic in bed. Sometimes, a woman may take time to show her wild side as she can be considered as a promiscuous woman. It is very important to make her feel comfortable and wanted as she is a woman after all who wishes to be loved!

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Story first published: Monday, October 24, 2011, 16:38 [IST]

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