Ideas For Making Love In Rain!

Love In Rain
Rain reflects romance and it is considered as the most romantic weather for couples. Making love in the rain is a dream come true scenario for women! Love in the rain is a fantasy of couples. For men too, during the rainy season, they just want two things; beer and lovemaking... So, if you want to make love in the rain, here are few sensual ideas to spice up romance in the rain.

Kiss in the rain: Take your partner out in the rain and kiss him/her. Nothing is more romantic than a kiss in the wet and chilling weather. Get wet in the rain and make the movies scene become a reality. Wet hair of women is very exciting for men and turns them on easily. Caress her body while kissing her and hug her tight to make her feel warm.

Dance: This is perhaps one of the most romantic ideas to make love in the rain. A sensual dance on the terrace or under the shade is great to increase the intimacy and spice up romance. Making love in the rain is more wild when the couples dance.

Dinner under the shade: A romantic dinner under the terrace shade during the rain is exciting and chilling. Wear a sensual dress to turn him on and get him in the mood for making love in the rain. You can even sit close and feed your partner in a sensual way. Another way can be by keeping the dish between your teeth and make your partner cut his/her share. As the weather is romantic, lovemaking is obvious.

Bath together: Rather than taking a steamy bath under the shower, you can go natural! A sensual bath in the rain can spice up romance any time. You can see the difference while making love in the rain.

Try these sensual ideas to spice up romance in rain and making love.

Story first published: Tuesday, November 29, 2011, 17:28 [IST]

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