How To Increase Your Woman's Desires? - Foreplay Tips

Woman Desires
Like men, women also get turned off in bed. One of the main reasons being men physique. The busty chest, bushy pubic hair and a bad breath will make any woman get back to watching TV. Men also require some grooming sessions to be metrosexual, hot and happening for the generation. Today, we will suggest some grooming as well as foreplay tips for men to increase desires in their women. Take a look.

Tips To Increase Your Woman's Desires

1. Even before you plan for lovemaking, try to shave away all the bushy hair on body. Get strict with diet and exercise to gradually get rid of the boob fat. A mouth wash and a warm bath to show your wife that you are ready for a hot love session.

2. And if she is still not very interested, try being her casanova and flaunt your body with a strip tease. Maintain a good eye contact and dance to the tunes of a hot song. Learn to throw your bath robe in stylish way (like Aamir Khan threw his jacket in Joh Jeeta Wohi Sikander). About the moves, you need to get original as you will know what your woman likes better.

3. Your attitude is what matters the most in attracting and making a woman desire. Seduce her with your sensuous gesture. Be confident even if you find her melting like a juice. Now, it is the time to talk and get dirty. Use words that can arouse her desires even more and help you move on with a hot foreplay.

4. When you start getting intimate in bed, see to it that you don't get sloppy by looking at yourself, hygiene and appearance. It is the time to switch off lights (if you are not able to help yourself getting diverted) and continue with the oral pleasure.

5. Now, is the time to shower all the love and feelings you wanted to express. Some biting and pinching are common ways to get wild with love. After minutes of foreplay, continue to help your woman reach her utmost physical desire (orgasm).

Comfort her all through he session, be gentle when you pull her and bite her. Your special care during the lovemaking session will be well complemented by your girl at the time of intercourse.

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Story first published: Friday, November 25, 2011, 17:20 [IST]

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